It is an honor to welcome you to the 67th Annual Meeting of the Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry! Over the years this has proven to be the best meeting of the year, combining high quality education and camaraderie that only SWARD could provide. What makes this organization so special is you, the members. SWARD is truly a melting pot of diversity, yet maintains a common belief in pursuing excellence in our profession. This commonality among our membership elevates SWARD into a premier organization with a rich history and even brighter future.

At our last membership meeting, I reflected on how unique and important our organization is, and how influential we are to the future of our profession. Due to changing trends in dental education along with market forces influencing patient care, it is more important than ever to advocate for continued excellence in the profession. It is incumbent on us all to continue to cultivate relationships with dental professionals, including new graduates and established practitioners, to help continue the rich tradition of SWARD and ensure the motivation for high quality patient centered care continues for future generations.

It is my pleasure to introduce an interdisciplinary presentation for the 2023 meeting with three world renowned speakers. Drs. Oded Bahat, Peter Wohrle, and Edmond Bedrossian will be joining us to discuss periodontic, prosthodontic and maxillofacial considerations when restoring a patient’s dentition with dental implants: Contemporary Implant Practice 2023 “What have we learned? Where are we heading?”. I encourage you to invite your interdisciplinary team of periodontists, general dentists, prosthodontists, and oral surgeons to participate as guests so that there can be a diverse discussion regarding these topics. In addition, I would like to encourage you to reach out in your community and consider mentoring a young professional that may be searching for a better path, and show them what SWARD has to offer. I look forward to seeing each of you on February 3, 2023 and am excited for what the future holds for this wonderful organization.

L. Patrick Grisanti II, DDS
President, Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry

Contemporary Implant Practice 2023

“What have we learned? Where are we heading?” The presenters are Drs. Oded Bahat, Peter Wohrle, and Edmond Bedrossian. The 2023 meeting date is February 3.

The Agenda is as Follows:

The 2023 Meeting Date is Friday, February 3, 2023 at the GWB Presidential Center on the SMU campus.

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