66th Annual Meeting

“Integrating Digital Dentistry into Your Analog Practice”

Digital Dentistry has taken over dental conferences, forums and social media.As our world moves toward the digital dimension,we are told that the technology is better, faster and more predictable-but is this always true? During this presentation, digital dentistry will be reviewed at different points of patient care from findings to diagnoses, treatment planning and treatment.An emphasis will be placed on benefits, but also the drawbacks, from an end-product perspective on different aspects of digital dentistry.Attendees will leave with an understanding of when digital dentistry may enhance their patient care and how to maximize aspects of digital care through lab or end-user communication.

Attendees will learn:

  1. To understand at what points of treatment digital dentistry may be incorporated to their analog workflow.
  2. When digital protocols expedite outcomes and improve the end-product versus when accuracy is not improved.
  3. To communicate with their patients or lab technicians to achieve better clinical outcomes.