Contemporary Implant Practice 2023 – What have we learned? Where are we heading

Implant treatment options to satisfy patient’s needs and desires have evolved continuously with increasing attention to quality of survival, and delivery of these services in a timely, predictable and cost-effective fashion.

As newer treatment concepts such as CT-assisted diagnosis, minimally invasive guided surgery and immediate restorations progress, the outcome of treatment has become more predictable. This new approach allows for a significantly reduced complexity, facilitates the process, delivers the solution in an expedient and cost-effective manner, enhances the patient experience, and provides the necessary information for proper evaluation and critical decisions. The health care provider with appropriate diagnostic, prognostic, surgical and restorative skills will be the primary clinician of choice delivering these services, and the company providing all the necessary tools to the clinician within one system will be the partner of the future.

This program highlights diagnostic and treatment planning issues, basic digital data acquisition, and their transformation into surgical tools. Case selection criteria are critical, and thus will be highlighted. Finally, the altered flow of treatment will be discussed in detail.

Attendees will learn:

  1. To recognize the advantages of CT assisted treatment planning.
  2. To appreciate the workflow from patient acquisition to delivery of final restoration.
  3. To understand the different areas throughout treatment where CT or CAD/CAM based tools can enhance outcome.